Will a face oil work for Oily Skin?

Will a face oil work for Oily Skin?

Listen, we hear you. 'My skin's already oily and you want me to make it worse?' Well first, don't talk bad about your skin. It's your bestie, your ride or die, and your biggest organ. And more than that, it's trying to help! When our skin is producing a lot of oil, it's because it's trying to make sure we stay moisturized (it might just be overdoing it a little). Plus, while people with more oily complexions may be more prone to developing acne, they're also less likely to show visible signs of aging. So the question is, how do we get the benefits of an oily complexion without feeling like an oil spill? 

The answer is, you guessed it, a face oil! Even though it's counterintuitive, oily skin can benefit from the use of a face oil for a lot of reasons. Here's 3:

1. The right face oil can balance out your skin

Your skin can over produce oil for a lot of reasons but one of the most common is that it thinks it's going to dry out. When you consistently use a face oil, it signals to your body that you're not losing hydration and it can cool it on the sebum (the natural oils your skin produces). 

2. Face oils can help calm inflammation

People with oily skin are more likely develop acne which can lead to inflammation. A carefully selected face oil, in combination with other acne fighting treatments, can help calm that down and help heal the skin. It can even potentially lead to fewer breakouts.

3. Face oils are a nutrient powerhouse

Nature derived face oils can give your skin vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that your skin wouldn't get anywhere else. In addition, a good face oil will help maintain a healthy skin barrier, keeping hydration in and impurities out.

The best thing to do is find products matched to your skin type, something formulated with your skin concerns in mind. A great place to start if you have oily skin is our Soft Butch Balancing Face Oil. We made it specifically to address oily skin and help balance out that excess oil production. It's lightweight and fast absorbing enough for everyday wear, and doesn't have any added fragrance so it won't be sensitizing or distracting. Try it out!

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