About Us

Hi, we're Taylor of Brooklyn! We make products designed to help you stay shining! We’re led by the idea that our skin should be loved, our 'imperfections' are our strengths, and self care should be one of the best parts of your day. It’s our mission to inspire you to celebrate everything you see in the mirror.

Our skincare philosophy is simple, literally. We believe the key to happy skin is moderation. Go off with your 10 step routine if that's what feels good, but also give your skin time to just vibe. Over exfoliating or using too many actives can irritate your skin and mess with your skin barrier and our skin is just like us. When it’s going through it, it needs to chill out, take a sick day, and have some snacks. To help you help your skin, we create skincare essentials that are made to help your skin relax and recuperate so you can keep being amazing.

Bringing Back Joy

While we are serious about making quality products that work for you, your skin, and our planet… we are also here to make self care fun! We think self care should be the part of your day where you get to relax with you - an enjoyable and affirming experience and we intend to make products that help you do just that.

Keep It Simple

We make products that are simple for you and your skin to understand so whether you're a wash and go diva or a 10 step routine superstar, we got you.

Always Inclusive

Taylor of Brooklyn is a Queer and Black owned company that aims to celebrate our beautifully diverse communities by encouraging all of us to love what we see in the mirror. Our products are meant to be used by all ages, genders, and communities so if you see yourself here, there's space for you.