Summer Skincare Tips!

Summer Skincare Tips!

Here in Brooklyn, the temperature is slowly but surely creeping up and the humidity is too which means SUMMER IS HERE *AIRHORN*!! But changing seasons means changing needs for your skin which makes this the perfect time to think about switching up your skincare routine. We've put together a lil list of things to think about.

1. Don't skip out on hydration

There seems to be a rumor going around that people don't need lotion in the summer. We are here to tell you that is lies, lies, Liza Minelli. But you may find that with more humidity in the air, you don't need the thick creams you were reaching for a few months ago. Try a more lightweight option, something that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave much residue. Also, drinking water is always a good idea.

2. Keep it Simple

We've never been big fans of the 17 step skincare routines of 2020 because we have sh*t to do, but summer is absolutely a great time to be more intentional about products. Layering on product after product and then running around in the heat in humidity is just simply not the T so take it back to the basics: cleanse, nourish, protect. Save the actives for night time when they won't make your skin sun sensitive or run off your skin if you're sweating.

3. Sunscreen, Rose, SUNSCREEN

If the plans are outside: sunscreen. If the plans are inside: tbh sunscreen. This is the time to be sunscreened down. And we know that finding a sunscreen that won't leave you looking ashy as f*ck is a big undertaking but find one you like and get into it. Sun exposure is the number one cause of signs of aging and of course overexposure can lead to alllllll kinds of problems so get into the habit of sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. On your body too!

4. Sleep with Taylor

In the summer, nighttime is the right time for focusing on recovery. Your skin needs time to revitalize itself and rest just like you do, making night the perfect time to sneak in some extra TLC. Use your more lightweight serums and increase their efficacy by using a face oil as your last step. It'll keep your other products working all night long instead of evaporating away so you can wake up ready for another adventure. And for all the AC divas, you can blast it all night long and still wake up with soft, moisturized skin. Try our Thirst Trap and Vers oils and get your life!

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